I started long time animal drawings in the Zoo.

Ostriches in the circus

As a model I had only one ostrich. Circus Medrano 2017 in Naples Italy, ink pen 35 × 50 cm

Giraffes in the Circus

Giraffes are the favorites at the Public. Medrano Salerno Italy 60 × 84 cm

Drawing of three chickens

Chinese Horoscope∶ 2017 the year of the Rooster

Watusi cattle in Circus Medrano

Watussi Circus Medrano 35 × 50 cm

Ostrich group circus Medrano

Ostriches in the circus Medrano Casartelli 2015 Reggio Emilia Italy. Ink pen 35 × 50cm

Young Drometar, with mother

Circus Medrano 2015 Rome. Ink pen 35 × 50 cm

Giraffe at the circus tent

Giraffe at the ring circus Medrano 2014 Udine Italy. Caligraphy brush 42 × 60 cm.

Watussi on  the circus

"Watusi at Circus Medrano 2015 in Rome. Graphite pencil 35 × 50 cm

Resting Dromeday

Circus Medrano 2015 Rome. Pen and ink drawing 35 × 50 cm. | More animals drawings on the Archives – Animals