Elephant drawing at circus Medrano Italy

Elephant faces

Circus Medrano 2015 Reggio Emilia Italy. Graphite pencil 35 × 50 cm

The elephant is being prepared for the show?

Davio Casartelli and the workers Metodi at Circus Medrano 2015 in La Spezia Italy. Calligraphy brush 50 × 70 cm

drinking elephants

Water for Elephants. Circus Medrano 2016 Livorno Italy 35 × 50 cm ink pen

Circus elephant at medrano

The calligraphy has always occupied me, the last few years very intensive 42 × 60 cm

elephant heart

New ideas, sometimes even what succeeds. 2013 Verona Italy, calligraphy brush 42 × 60 cm

Elephant photo Klaus Moser?

Photograph Klaus Moser Austria

Elephant in the Circus Medrano

Elephant african 2009 at circus Medrano 42 × 60 cm. | More elephants drawings on the Archives – Elephants