The first Elephant drawings

Elephants while training

The elephants were always my favorites. 2012 in Rome 35 × 50 cm ink pen

Elephant in the Circus Medrano

Elephant african 2009 at circus Medrano 42 × 60 cm. Manicure a lady elephant

Davio Casartelli circus Medrano 2007 Florence Italy. Ink pen 21 × 30cm

Circus elephants

Elephants circus Medrano 2010 Pisa Italy 35 × 50 cm

Elephant love

Elephante at circus Medrano 2011 Genoa Italy. Ink pen 35 × 50 cm

The elephants is ready for the show.

Elephante circus Louis Knie Austria at Den Haag Holland. Photo Ron Mikkenie

elephants drinking water

Elephant drinking in the morning. | New elephant drawings on Animals – Elephants