Drawings of lipizzaners in Piber, of Arab stallions at the Circus.

Lipizzaner stud farm in Piber

Lipizzaner horses in the pasture 2008 at the stud farm Piber Styria Austria 21 × 30 cm

Showing the horse

Farrier at work 2009 circus Medrano Italy 21 × 30 cm

Runaway horses

Horses drawn on the run (the animals go with). 2002 circus Louis Knie Austria 30 × 42cm

Runaway Horse

Arabian horses on pasture. Drawing from 2013 size 60 × 84 cm

Lipizzaner horses in Piber.

Lipizzaner mares with foals 2008 at Piber stud farm Styria Austria 21 × 30cm

Farrier at work

Farrier at work 2009 circus Medrano Casartelli 21 × 30 cm.

Lipizzaner mare with foal

Lipizzaner horses 2008 at Piber Styria Austria | New Hors drawings on Animals – Horses