Exhibition Anton Bruckner Private University Linz

In the Anton Bruckner University in Linz Austria code where I drew since 1996. Ballet dancers and musicians, I had many years a small permanent exhibition. Many thanks for the good cooperation.

60 years house of art Hengl

Exhibitio in city of Haag in Austria

The art photographer Prof. Willy Hengl born 1927 Litschau Austria † 1997 Haag Austria, was co–founter the Gallery Traun Austria. His daughter Violetta Hengel leads as did their father, the tradition of an open house of art in Haag continues and operates with much use sponsering of art. Austrian newspaper "Tips Amstetten"


Exhibition circus Medrano in Rome

In Rome I organized Medrano in the big tent, a small exhibition of my drawings. Thank the Casartelli family, especially Davio Casartelli


Laurin on the Circus – Paradise

Circus paradise Laurin reportThis is the website of Ernst Haumer with current circus reports, a whole page for Laurin. Thank you Ernst


Laurin at circus Medrano in Vatikan

Laurin at Medrano at Vartikan

Artists troupe Catana with circus Medrano with Pope Benedict in Vartikan

Catana with Medrano in Vartikan

Artist group Catana, left Willy Colombaioni (juggling) to the Pope.


Photos, News, everything about circus in Austria

Circus Archive∶ About Circus

At Circusarchiv or Topics from circus world, both by Circusnews Christoph Enzinger.


2012. After 4 years 4 days on visit to Piber at Styria Austria.

Meet friends and watch the Lipizzaner on pasture.

In 2008, I was allowed to live three months in Piber and draw the noble Lipizzaner horses

The Lipizzaner drawings can be found on Archives – Horses


Winter in Rome

snow chaos in Rome

Circus Medrano at 04. 02 2012 in Rome! Foto Anghel Katy (Cataner)

  Laurin Home at circus Louis Knie

Laurin home, my Ford Transit at circus Louis Knie. Photographer Christoph Enzinger"


Laurin Gallery in the Circus Museum in Vienna

Circus Museum Vienna gallery Laurin

2011-12 my drawings in the Circus Museum are almost a year.

Circus and Clown Museum Vienna

Circus Museum Vienna Ilgplatz 7 1020 Wien


On 26 11.2010 my mother has gone in 86 years from us forever

Graveyard in Black and White

Life writes his lines without asking us and if it once but

quietly asks then we do not hear back.


Exhibition 06.05.2008 Club der Begegnung CDB Ursulinenhof in Linz Austria

Exhipition Laurin

About 100 friends came to the opening in the Ursulinenhof.

Vernissage Laurin in Linz Austria

Fotos Peter Lunacek


Exhibition gallery Eder Linz Austria

Exhibition Eder

09. September 2002