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You can download these drawings and use them for press releases or schools. You may print them even to their private pleasure and hang up. But please do not forget your reference to my Web page.

Elephants at her entrance in Circus Medrano.

Elephants have always been my favorites, many of my drawings have been made by them over the years. After sorting from my drawings, very little remains, which meets my requirements and expectations. The rest is very important for the learning process.

Circus Medrano 2010 Livorno Italy ink pen 35 × 50 cm Download

Giraffes in the circus

Everything started with drawing animals. In the beginning the goal to be achieved was to draw "Cats" with a minimum of strokes. The Giraffe, camels, llamas, Watusi and ostrich and others have joined in over the years.

Circus Medrano – Casartelli 2018 Montecantini Italy. Caligraphy brush 50 × 70 cm Download

Horses on the circus

Draw Horses is a bit difficult because the individual races are very different in behavior but also in their character. By constantly drawing I have succeeded in recent years to place the horses drawing before the elephants.

Medrano horses 2015 Rome ink pen 35 × 50 cm Download

PAS DE DEUX circus Medrano

Since 2006, I have been at the circus Medrano & Casartelli. As long as I am working already with this beautiful number and draw this still with a lot of joy

Ingrid and Braian Casartelli circus Medrano 2015 at Rome. Ink pen 35 × 50 cm Download

Elephant faces

With a quick sign pen, movable fingers, a sharp memory and a lot of patience sometimes a good drawing succeed.

Elephant faces, circus Medrano 2015 Reggio Emilia Italy. Ink pen 35 ×50 cm Download

Rider Braian Casartelli in the ring

Braian Casartelli rider in the circus 2014 Genoa Italy. Caligaphy brush 60 × 84 cm Download

Drawing of ants is one meditation. Ink pen 35 × 50 cm. Download

About a bizarre detour came in recent times again to landscape drawings, to be found on Caricature

Laurin at work

Laurin at the drawing, 2009 Circus Medrano Milan Italy. Foto Alberto Tubini Milan. Download


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