Leporello's drawings from the Circus World

Leporello from drawings at the  circus Medrano Italy

10 years circus drawing at Medrano Casartelli bigger

Leporello 10 years circus drawing Laurin

Numbered edition consisting of 10 drawings a 10 × 14 cm bigger

Leporello – Clown from Circus Roncalli

Clowns Oreol, Monti, David Larible, Gensi and Totti Alexis. bigger

Leporello elephante at circus

Elephant Leporello of the circus Medrano – Casartelli bigger

Leporello from circus roncalli

From the Circus Roncalli, the drawings are for this Leporello. bigger


Leporello from circus drawings 14 x 100 cm. Extends in the picture to the click!


How the idea was born with Leporello Once in Hamburg I was able to visit the Wilhelm M. Busch Archive 2005, I bought in a secondhand bookstore the book "My beloved circus" of Wilhelm M. Busch. After talking to me gave the seller a Leporello with erotic drawings of W. M. Busch. Much about this random gift thoughtfully had the idea to make himself a Leporello.