Circus performers – Drawings from the Circus Manege

trapeze artist

Stefany at the trapeze 2017 Salerno Italy. Calligraphy brush 60 × 84 cm

Springboard number of Catanertruppe

The Catanertruppe 2011 Naples Italy 35 × 50 cm

Duo Bobov at circus Roncalli

Duo Bobrov circus Roncalli 2009 Freiburg Gemany. Ink and pen 21 × 30 cm

Duo Bobrov at circus Roncalli

Duo Bobov Foto

Juggler Eddy Carello

Eddy Carello 2002 circus Louis Knie Austria. Blind drawing with left hand 21 × 30 cm

Laurin at circus Roncalli

Laurin while drawing in the Circus Roncalli. Photographer Volker Flaadt Freiburg Germany

Jan Navratil Antipodist

Antipodist Jan Navratil 2003 circus Louis Knie Austria. Ink and pen 21 × 30 cm